60 day plan for a Higher, tighter, plumper booty, toned legs, and flat tummy


Whats Included:

60 day workout regimen in scientifically proven progressive order.

10 unique resistance workouts

5 warmup routines

3 cooldown routines

Exercise Demonstrations powered by IDEAfit

Cardio instructions (Stairmaster/Elliptical)

Workout log

FullTime Health Coach support


Whats Needed:

Books app for apple or google play books for android

Access to gym or gym equipment:

Cable rack or Free motion

Smith Machine

Roman Chair


Assisted pull-up machine

TRX (some substitution suggestions)



Yoga Mat

Stability Ball

Kettle Bells

Step up Box

BoSu Ball

Mini hurdles (some substitution suggestions)

  • Trainer suggestions:

    For best results pair with Nutrtional guide for your goal, and the 20 day reconditoning program be completed before starting this 60 day program. Both availible on this website.


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